Simply Bamboo


En fin quiltvadd
Soft and easy to needle by hand or machine.
Fine scrim to lock in fibres and prevent bearding.

Not resin, sprays, glues or bonding.

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100% Bamboo

244cm bredd


Mashine washable

3-5% krympning

Quiltas upp till 4" isär

Pure Australian grown and made Cotton-seed-free and made from the best fibres. For a traditional low loft result, cotton is a favourite

00% viscose fiber from Bamboo. Our bamboo is carefully choosen from the hundreds of fiber suppliers, to ensure that when you or your customers use Simply Bamboo Quilt Batting the are getting the best product with the softer than cotton feel available. Our fiber starts as actuall Bamboo stock and is chopped and pulverized into a pulp where each piece of bamboo is less than 1 mm in legnth. Then only using enzimes that are naturally reaccuring in our ecosystem the fiber is broke down into a viscose solution to be extruded into fiber. we choose a fine 1.5dn 56mm bamboo for its soft hand and extrairdinary strength. The finished product is certified by international OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Free of any harmfull chemicals.

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