Volymvlieselin HH650 150bredd


Ett strykbart volymvlieselin med strykbarhet på båda sidorna om vadden, från Freudenberg Vlieseline.
används både lappteknik/quiltning samt kläder
Fabrikens text:
Medium loft batting, bonds two fabrics together in one operation; for quilts as well as for clothing.

Artikelnr: 24.TT.Vlieseline.HH650
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Mer information

Description and benefits


Lightweight to mediumweight fabrics

Product benefits:

  • can be ironed-on from both sides
  • efficient use with little wastage
  • two materials are ironed together in one step
  • pleasant soft feel- Ideal for patchwork projects
  • washable and dry cleanable


  1. Place the Vilene HH 650 between the two fabrics to be stuck together; make sure that there are no folds or pulls; it is particularly important to iron carefully.
  2. Then cover with a damp cloth and press the iron for about 15 seconds, step by step each area.
  3. With waistcoats and jackets we recommend to test a sufficiently large area to check the adhesion and look of both fabrics.

Tip: Secure the joined fabrics either by appropriate seams or through additional quilting.

Important notice

We recommend to test the products before starting processing.

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