Framilastic 9mm Vlieseline


Ett Elastiskt band från Freudenberg Vlieseline.
Perfekt hjälp för att enkelt få en töjbar söm, deljer som rynk eller tex osnynliga axelband
Fabrikens text:
A transparent, elastic PU tape for ladies' wear, lingerie, swimwear and sportswear. It is seamless and can be fixed by sewing without problems. For shoulder seams, top edges, seams, armhole, creative accents (ruffles, ripples).

Artikelnr: 24.TT.Vlieseline.Framilastic.T9
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Mer information

Description and benefits


stretchy fabrics

Product benefits:

  • very high elasticity and very strong
  • resistant towards bleach
  • not allergenic



  1. Cut Framilastic shorter than the length of the distance to sew - depending how much gathering you want.
  2. Sew Framilastic with a zigzag stitch at the beginning (approx. 1 cm). Then stretch it to the full length of the distance to sew. Sew a zigzag stitch down to the entire length of Framilastic.
  3. Be aware to sew in the middle of Framilastic. This makes it lay evenly and lends it an even stability.

Recommendation: Do not use fabric softener.

Important notice

We recommend to test the products before starting processing.

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