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Ett strykbart mellanlägg från Freudenberg Vlieseline.
Passar utmärkt till kläder av lite tjockare slag men framför allt till hobby.
Text enl fabrik:
Firm, stable interlining for shaped cuffs, shaped belts and for textile craftwork. Guarantees durable shape.

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Mer information

Description and benefits


Lightweight to mediumweight fabrics such as cotton

Product benefits:

  • simple to apply
  • long lasting shape
  • also washable at higher temperatures


  1. Place the interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric.
  2. Then using dry heat glide the iron firmly 5-6 times very slowly over each area of the insert, so that each area receives approx. 8 seconds of heat.
  3. Iron setting: Wool.
  4. Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 20 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.

Important notice

We recommend to test the products before starting processing.

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